Doboutique: A new Italian online shop was born

Doboutique, the online shop of the Dell’Oglio brand, was born out of a deep love of fashion and a long family tradition. In fact, Mario Dell’Oglio, who now runs several boutiques under the family brand, says it was his great-grandfather who introduced him to the world of fashion. While in the 1890s English hats and accessories were imported for the aristocrats of Palermo, today the Dell’Oglio brand offers the same refined and elegant style for everyone with an online store.

The approach focused on building a strong relationship with customers is offered in Dell’Oglio physical stores, where it really feels like going back in time and tracing the history of the family brand and is successfully re-proposed to web users.

Elegance lands online with Doboutique

What Mario Dell’Oglio has done with doboutique is to bring to the web collections of classic and elegant items that have always been a landmark of Palermo and international fashion but revisited in a unique and original style.

On Doboutique website you will find clothing, shoes, and accessories from the best designer labels for men and women, all characterized by the unique Dell’Oglio style, which has always been a combination of British elegance and Italian design.

Buying from Dell’Oglio, whether in the boutiques in Palermo where you can find some unique pieces and exclusive collections, or online, is an extraordinary experience. In fact, thanks to the skills of those who animate Dell’Oglio brand, customers are welcomed with the same warmth in the online boutique. This is the preferred solution for many international customers who have discovered Dell’Oglio’s fashion in Palermo and want to continue buying its unique clothing.

On Dell’Oglio’s online boutique, you can also view interesting combinations of clothes and accessories for inspiration, but also to find perfect outfits for every occasion. In fact, the selection of styles on the website is very wide, from elegant classic tailored trousers to glamorous garments that focus on unusual textures.

Since 1890, when the great-grandfather Santi Dell’Oglio opened his first luxury goods emporium in the Telegraph department store in Palermo, the Dell’Oglio brand has grown to offer three physical stores and an online boutique.

How the idea of Doboutique was born

Mario Dell’Oglio, before being an entrepreneur, is a dreamer, a visionary and an artist. This is evident when he talks about how he chooses the pieces for his collections. In fact, Dell’Oglio has a lively and dynamic mind, and it takes little to inspire him to arrive at a well-defined project. Sometimes it is certain places rich in history and culture that inspire Dell’Oglio, while at other times the ideas for new collections come from his vivid imagination and aesthetic sense, passed down from his grandfather and now developed and refined. Furthermore, original and interesting is the choice to include in the online boutique some stories that tell about certain experiences, such as family celebrations or a leap into the past, enriched by photo shoots and giving excellent hints for finding the perfect look.

What makes the difference, however, it is certainly a lot of curiosity, both on the part of Dell’Oglio, and of the customers who want to discover unique and sophisticated clothing. Curiosity is also the key word that creates a common thread in Doboutique’s proposal.

What Mario Dell’Oglio wants to offer are exclusive and sophisticated collections, perfect for those who want to dress with style and elegance, but who also want to emphasize certain traits of their personality.

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