Cool things you need in your life right now

Life’s little luxuries can really put a smile on your face. We share five things you’ll wonder how you coped without! 

Reusable drinks container 

Ok, so our first little luxury might not sound that impressive or remarkable, but the warm fuzzy feeling it could give you might just be the luxurious element of this item. So, why a reusable drinks container? A top-quality one will ensure that you can drop it in the bottom of your oversized handbag and not have to concern yourself with the worry that the entire contents might end up being soaked through. What’s more, such a vessel is vital in many people’s mission of saving the planet. Buying plastic water bottles day in, day out is incredibly wasteful and, dare I say it, very lazy. Yes, buy one if you’re in an unexpected situation, but there’s no need to do this on a regular basis. Be a little bit smug – treat yourself and the world around you.

Colour sensor

If you’ve not encountered a colour sensor before then be prepared to fall in love with this genius gadget. It’s small in size, but huge in potential. If you’re decorating your home and want to find the right colour wallpaper or paint to match the amazing designer curtains you bought in the sales, this could help avoid disappointment. Imagine picturing the perfect pairing between the curtains and a luxurious wallpaper you’ve discovered. Cue tears when you return home and realise they will actually clash because they’re not quite the same. A colour sensor will tell you precisely what colour something is, so you will never make a faux-pas like that again! 

Cooling pillow

As the weather is warming up, a good night’s sleep becomes as sought after as the gold at the end of a rainbow. However, it need not be as impossible as you may think. A cooling pillow can prevent your body temperature from getting too high and making you restless. Try it and you’ll feel like a different person: refreshed and ready to go after a decent night’s sleep. 

Beauty box subscription

It can be expensive to try out new products on a regular basis. Subscribing to a monthly beauty box could be a solution to your problem. For example, Bellabox aims to deliver luxury products direct to your door. The fee of most subscription services will cost you much less than if you were to buy each product within the month’s box separately and in-store.

Smart thermometer

We are the gadget generation and our children appear to be following in our footsteps. This final must-have recommendation is not a cheap option, but it could well save your life (maybe even literally!). Having a thermometer, which links to a smartphone, is a great option. Using one like this can keep an accurate record of temperatures over a certain period of time, providing data for comparison and analysis more easily. There are many different types available, so ensure you do your research first and check out those reviews.

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