Sponsored Video: Castrol® EDGE® Titanium Trials Present: Clone Rival

Castrol® EDGE® Titanium

If you’re a gamer of a certain age (like me) you’ll almost certainly remember the very first Playstation release of Gran Turismo waaaaaaay back in 1997. 

At the time it was jaw-droopingly realistic and took driving games to a completely new level. One of my favourite parts of the game was the chance to set fastest laps on the different race tracks. Best of all was that you could set it up to race against a ‘ghost’ car that exactly replicated the speediest  driver.

Castrol® EDGE® Titanium

Fast forward to today and Hello! Castrol® EDGE® Titanium Trials Present: Clone Rival. Check out the video below, it’s a (virtual) real(ity) version of the ‘Gran Truismo’ concept, except this time the ‘ghost’ car is driven by double Le Man winner, Darren Turner and the car is a very special kind of supercar, the unbelievably fast, Aston Martin Vulcan.

There will only ever be 24 of them in the world and if you fancy one, be warned the price tag is a fairly hefty £1.8 million. What you do get though is a car with v12, 820bhp engine and downforce capabilities so good that if you can find somewhere to do it, you can literally drive it on the ceiling.

Beat that Lionel Richie.

Castrol® EDGE® Titanium

And as Turner takes on the incredibly challenging Ascari Racetrack in Spain to beat his digital clone, he also test the virtues of Castrol® EDGE®, Titanium Strong Oil (all night long). If you are into super cars, super speeds and a super challenge, watch Clone Rival from Castrol® EDGE®.

This feature is sponsored by Castrol, but all thoughts are my own.