Art: Neverended @ LondonNewcastle, London

When you think of Street Art, what springs to mind?

Graffiti on tower blocks in London

In the never-ending quest for acceptance into the world of mainstream art, ‘Neverended’ is a new retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection.



The show runs at the LondonNewcastle Project Space in in the middle of Shoreditch and over the course of the next two weeks there will be Live art / Life drawing classes, Musical showcases, Pop-up feasts and Live talks running alongside the exhibition. The artwork on display from legends like Jim Vision is phenomenal, with pieces ranging from standard canvas prints to wall murals that sprawl on to the floor to create a new dimension.


Artists taking part in the show will be on hand, so don’t be afraid to pull them aside to ask about their work. I spoke to Jim and his vision for ‘Street Art’ as a whole is immensely inspiring.

NEVERENDED runs from 11th to 28th Feb at the LondonNewcastle Project Space on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch.

Vix Russell

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