Are more males playing online bingo?

Since it evolved in Italy hundreds of years ago, bingo has grown into one of the world’s most popular gambling games. It has now made the big leap onto the internet without a hiccup – and it has become more popular than ever.

The UK online bingo community is growing rapidly and comprises all types of people and all ages and genders. Anyone can play online, and anyone can enjoy the thrills of this fast, easy version of the game. In fact, many people are now playing with their friends online, and if you’re wondering how to play bingo online with friends, then wink bingo has you covered!

There is still a hardcore of traditionalists who believe bingo is a game for, and played by, women. They hark back to a previous era of land-based bingo and the women who played it. Of course, bingo was invented and played by men in Italy originally. It has since spread across the globe and become popular in many different cultures and societies.

Why did bingo appeal to women more?

In the UK however, there was a period in the 20th century when bingo certainly became especially popular among women. It came after many of the old golden-era picture houses and music halls closed down.

They were converted to bingo halls in towns all over the UK. These became hugely popular
venues for bingo. Right across Britain these halls offered a great value night out, especially for working class women in an era before TV. Women of the time had few chances to go out for an entertaining night. The new world of glamorous neon-lit bingo parlours gave them the chance to have an exciting night out – and many men went along to enjoy the fun too. It was a safe, social and affordable way of having an entertaining night out. Essentially though bingo gained an image as being for women at the time. Don’t forget that women might not have even be allowed to go into pubs in that era. Many women would feel intimidated to enter the mainly male environment of a pub. In fact, women were often discouraged from going out on their own at all at night.

The bingo halls of the day gave them a chance to go in groups and enjoy a social event. Older women in particular felt safe and welcome in the environment of their local bingo hall. Fast forward to today’s modern digital era. Bingo has made the giant step onto the internet and that means it is now available on everyone’s portable computers and smartphones.

Bingo fans can access their favourite game so easily. It’s available anywhere, any time. That means that the game has never been easier to play, whether for a quick thrill while waiting for a train – or a long leisurely session on the sofa at home. The online casinos are now offering all sorts of great bingo games. They can offer huge jackpots that a bingo hall could only dream of. And players can take advantage of all sorts of promotions and bonuses.

Online bingo has increased different advantageous opportunities for players. There is even the chance to play online for free, in no-stakes, no-win games. It’s a chance to learn how online bingo works or to try out a new game or casino. No wonder bingo is booming. It’s now more popular than it has ever been. And experts have noted a huge social shift in the bingo community. More and more men have been trying the game online – and discovering that they love it.

Any men that felt troubled by a stigma about playing the classic number collecting game have nothing to worry about – they can be as anonymous as they want online. The game is now open to everyone who wants to play but no-one needs to know. There’s certainly no longer any reason for a prejudice about playing the world’s most popular game. Today’s men are far more comfortable playing bingo than their less open-minded fathers would have been.

The latest statistics still show a majority of players are female – but the proportion of males discovering the online game is rising fast. Experts suspect that as more men discover the classic thrills of bingo – and start winning some of the big prizes available – these numbers will soar. At the same time online casinos have realised the potential market for their games is now both women and men. They have started designing games that appeal to all genders and ages.

That’s why the latest games are so lively and modern. Expect to find more engaging features
like sign-up bonuses and extra prizes. Most games offer chat rooms and in-play chat too. There’s still plenty of room for the traditional social aspect of bingo. And of course, bingo is just one of the games offered by online casinos. Players can easily switch between a fun game of bingo – and a more serious gambling game like blackjack or poker, depending on their mood. Bingo operators seem to have been able to quickly shed the old idea of bingo for old ladies. All types of players are enjoying the new bingo games on the internet or on apps. It’s such a light fun game that some play it while doing something else, like watching TV or listening to music. Thanks to the portability of the internet now, bingo can be played anywhere you are.

And best of all, it’s such an easy light-hearted game that it’s easy to play together. Anyone can now play with a partner, with friends or with their children… and of course now you can even play with men!

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