Anti-Ageing Hair Tips

When thinking about anti-aging, lots of us worry more about our skin and our bodies than we do our hair. Actually, your hair can be a big giveaway for your age, whether it’s going grey or not. As we age, hair follicles get smaller, sebum production drops, and some people lose pigment cells. As hormones change, the hair sheds more, so it can become thinner. These changes lead to thinning, grey, dry hair, or even hair loss. If your hair is showing your age, try these anti-aging hair tricks. 

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See Your Doctor

If your hair is beginning to think, get it addressed early. There are lots of treatments available from your Doctor that can help to reduce hair thinning, or they may be able to advise on procedures like an FUE hair transplant. Seeing a doctor also means that you can rule out things like anemia, iron deficiency, medication side effects, or autoimmune disorder as the cause of your thinning hair. 

Get The Right Cut

It’s a myth that you have to cut your hair short once you get older, although a shorter cut can be more forgiving on hair that is thinning. If you want to keep your hair long, cut in some long layers. This gives an appearance of fullness, as long as the layers move together. Avoid too many layers, as this can emphasize thinning. 

Take A Look At Your Diet

Protein and iron in your diet are essential for healthy hair. If your diet is low in these, it can lead to hair loss. Ask your doctor to test you for deficiencies in iron, vitamin D, and other minerals. With that ruled out, you can add a supplement high in zinc and antioxidants that promote hair growth. 

Add Moisture

If your hair is starting to look dry as you age, avoid drying mousses and gels, as they can strip away shine, leaving the hair looking dull and lifeless. Instead, use a mousse that is designed for curly hair, as these tend to be much more moisturizing and better suited to dry hair. Once a week, use a rich moisturizing treatment to hydrate your hair. An oil mask is great for this and can be a nice treat. 

Brush Well

Brushing your hair gently encourages healthy blood flow to the scalp, which in turn, is very good for your hair. Some research has suggested that scalp massage can increase hair thickness. Use a soft-bristled brush that is gentle on delicate hair and use it to distribute the hair’s natural oils. 

Keep Things Cool

Heat styling is damaging for all hair types but is especially bad for thinning hair. The stress of it can cause hair breakage, and as your hair is producing less sebum, it has less natural protection against the heat. Keep the use of hair dryers or straighteners to a minimum. Use them on cool if you can, and always use a heat protector like a spray or serum to protect your hair. 

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