7 Tips for Always Looking Elegant and Put-Together

woman on beach in sundress

The importance of image is always increasing: we must look good at all times, it seems. There are some people to whom elegance seems to come naturally: their clothing always looks good, fits their figure perfectly and suits whatever the occasion happens to be, whether it is formal or casual. This is not simply down to luck and having the right figure (although this can help!), often it is a deliberate styling choice. 

woman on beach in sundress

The good news is that this means that you too can adopt these ways of choosing clothes and dressing, so that you too are always perfectly turned out.

1. Find Your Personal Style

Try to ascertain your own personal style. This is not simply a matter of choosing the clothes and colours that you like, it also means ensuring that the cuts and colours suit your looks and figure. Clothes that look good and also feel good are a great way to make you feel confident, and being confident automatically gives you better posture – and posture is a surprisingly large part of looking good.

2. Go For the Classics

Build a core wardrobe of high quality, timeless pieces that are made from good quality fabrics that will withstand a lot of wear without losing their shape or their pristine appearance. Better quality fabrics, and well-made garments will stand the test of time, making them worthwhile investments in the long run. This rule is especially true for more formal dresses that you’d wear on special occasions or family functions: once you invest in something classic that never goes out of style, you could potentially wear it for years and years. Great examples are the elegant dresses from Twinset, which are beautifully designed, made from the highest quality fabrics and sewn with care.

3. Solid Neutral

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If in doubt as to which colours to choose when selecting item for your core wardrobe, opt for simple but classic designs in solid neutral colours: that is to say, navy blue, rich brown earth shades and creamy tan and beige, black, and grey. Neutral blocks of colour serve to showcase the figure, creating clean lines and an elegant silhouette. Of course, there is a place for patterns and florals, but often these can appear ‘busy’ and make the wearer look shapeless: it is perhaps better to team a small patterned garment (a blouse, or a scarf) with solid neutral colours against which it can shine rather than overwhelm.

4. Less is More: Accessories

Matching one’s jewellery to one’s belt and shoes and handbag may seem like a great idea – and it can work well if done right – but sometimes attempting to match every accessory can have the effect of giving an outfit the look of a military uniform. The accessories can also overwhelm the clothing, swamping the overall look with excess. Instead, choose two or three items that pull your desired look together: a bracelet, necklace and belt, for example, and otherwise give your outfit space to impress. If your outfit has a lot of intricate detailing: a smocked bodice, laces, button detail and so on, your accessories can fall away to just matching shoes and bag – any more might seem over-the-top.

5. Tailoring is Key

Unless you have a figure that exact matches up to designer’s patterns, it is unlikely that clothes will fit you perfectly. For most people, clothing fits well enough when bought off the peg, but if you want to achieve that next-level effortlessness, you will find that tweaking your clothing to exactly fit your figure can make all the difference. Take in waistlines, adjust hems to fit your height and loosen or tighten armholes to suit: the adjustment of a few millimetres here or there can make a world of difference.

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6. Invest in a Classic Coat

A high-end coat is a must-have for any wardrobe, and choosing the right coat will impart elegance to any outfit, no matter the occasion. Teamed with formal wear you will look gorgeous and well-dressed; with designer jeans and t-shirt you will be cozy and ready for a day out, and work wear will be enhanced from everyday humdrum to casual excellence. And, of course, a good coat has another advantage: that of protecting you from the weather!

7. The Shoes Have It

It does not matter how much you invest in your clothing, even the most expensive and exclusive designer wear is made tacky by the addition of cheap shoes. If your feet will be getting dirty and muddy, of course you can use cheap alternatives until you reach your destination, but at this point you should always swap them for good quality, preferably designer shoes. Team the right style of shoe with your outfit: heels with workwear or formal dresses, trainers or loafers with jeans and smart casual clothing, and deck shoes and slip-ons for the beach or day-trips. Whenever you are shoe shopping, buy the best quality shoes that you can afford. As with your core wardrobe, quality shoes will stand the test of time, and turn out to be a great investment in yourself.

Can you think of any other ways to add effortless elegance to your look, whether it is for work, casual entertaining or more formal events?