7 Ideas That Can Really Change Your Closet Space

Many things can help you hold all of your fashion ideas in your closet. If you’re thinking of something new and fresh, some ideas can help you make the best of your closet space and design a pattern and a space that works with you and who you want to be.

Walk-in Closet

If you have a closet space that either doesn’t have a door or has a door big enough to slide, then an amazing design option would be a sliding barn door hardware that can really make it work. If you like wooden doors that are classy, unique, and classic, then these are worth the checkout.

A Hat Wall

Let’s face it, not all people who use closets are women. So why not a hat wall. Instead of clothing on one side of the closet, try taking it out and adding shelves to put your hats on. Hats come in different varieties, from beret’s, flat bills, sun hats, ball caps, fedora’s, top hats, and more. The point is with the hat wall. You can enjoy all of that and more. With the hat wall of shelves, the possibility is endless.

A Vanity Closet

This is a great idea for anyone who loves to put on makeup. If you can fit a desk and mirrors in the closet, then you’ll have the perfect vanity closet. Add a shoe rack or a clothes rack beside it, and you’ll never have to get ready in the bathroom again. You’ll have your own private room to get ready in the morning or on that evening where you plan to go out. This is a great idea for space-filling, especially for big closets. You will never complain that you don’t have room for yourself again.

A Shoe Rack

Whether you like shoes or not, chances are, you have a lot of shoes. Why not build a shoe rack, it could just be a few shelves in the back of the closet, or maybe build a rolling rack to put them on that you can bring out to the bedroom with you. There is no limit to the size unless your closet says otherwise. You can make a shoe rack for sneakers, heels, boots, and more. The possibilities are endless when making a shoe rack, either beside the space in your closet.

A Small Library

You can DIY with small shelves and place them all around the closet. Hang them on one side of the wall and have your clothes on the other, or you can fill the whole closet with small shelves that can hold books. If you already have books, start filling out the shelves in the closet by genre, favorites, or randomly. There is so much to do with the bookshelves in there, and you can add more than books to the little shelves. Add stuff like hats, shoes, miscellaneous items, or even jewelry boxes. There is no limit to this or your knowledge.

A Jewelry Closet

You can put a desk in your closet and have drawers that pull out and have your jewelry in them. Even if you don’t have a lot of jewelry, you will make a jewelry closet. You can add boxes of jewelry, add hanging space, put them on display, and even more. Your imagination is the limit with this, and the only thing that limits you is you. You can even build just a desk with some hanging space for some of the available jewelry you have, put them into jewelry boxes, put them in drawers, or leave them on the desk. Then you could hang clothes to the left or right.

A Clothes Closet

While this is generally what people use a closet for is to hang clothes, not many people think of the creative ways they can do so. Like a revolving closet, a hanging closet, a surrounded closet, and so much more. You can mix and match all of the above things if you have a big enough closet, but you need a fairly big closet if you want all of these. There is so much that you can do with clothes. You can hang them, put plastic dressers in the closet to make more room for clothes, or take bins and put the clothes in them. You can turn even a small closet into an amazing clothes closet that fits all of your clothes, regardless of how many clothes you have.