6 Considerations For Your Promotional Product Strategy 

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For many years now, businesses have used promotional products as a way of enhancing their existing customer relationships while attracting new customers in the process. This is an effective marketing strategy, however, its success rests on the products that you choose. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for all businesses to follow. A lot of research and careful consideration is required to enable you to find the perfect promotional products for your business. With that in mind, read on to discover the different factors you need to consider when choosing promotional products.

Start by developing a budget – The first thing you need to do is determine how much money you have available to dedicate to your promotional product strategy. Of course, when it comes to this form of advertising, the products themselves are not the only things you need to take as far as finances are concerned. For example, you may need to spend money on distribution, so make sure you take all of this into account. It will help to make your search more effective. After all, lanyards are much cheaper than USBs and other electronic gadgets. Once you have a budget in place, it makes the rest of the process much easier, and it ensures you do not end up with the dreaded situation on your hands of running out of money halfway through the promotion plan.

Think about the people you are going to be giving the promotional item to – understanding your customer is at the heart of any marketing push, and this is most certainly the case when you are giving these individuals a gift. You need to know whether your target market is mostly female or male. You also need to know about their occupation, interests, income, and their age. You need to put together a profile of what your typical customer looks like. This is the only way you are going to be able to choose a promotional product that suits them, which leads to the next point…

Make sure the item you choose is useful – Once you have an idea of what your typical customer looks like, you will then be able to choose a product that is useful for them. You will know all about the pain points they experience with regards to the type of service you provide or even life in general, and you can provide them with something that assists with this. For example, if you run a company selling office desks and chairs, look for items that are going to be useful for people working in this type of environment. This could be anything from promotional pens to calendars or you could choose a USB. When something is useful, you can ensure the person in question is going to make the most of it, which means it will contain to promote again and again. Not only this, but it is likely to create a bigger and more memorable impression on the person in question, which will enhance the loyalty they feel towards your company.

Plan for longevity – In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, it is also a good idea to consider the longevity of the promotional product that you are considering. For example, reusable shopping bags are a popular choice because the recipient can use these bags again and again. Every time they use the reusable bag you have given them, they are advertising your business. This enhances the value of the promotional product. So, when attempting to decide on the best item for your campaign, make sure you choose something that is going to make an impact both now and in the future.

Be different – This is one of the most difficult pieces of advice to implement. After all, with so many companies developing promotional product strategies today, it can be very difficult to make your business stand out. However, if you do manage to choose something different, you will ensure that your brand is remembered, and this is the key to a successful promotional product strategy. Let’s go back to the office desk and chair supplier we were talking about before. Yes, pens, USBs, and such like are very useful. But how about opting for a desktop garden plant instead? This is something that your customers will not be expecting, yet it is still beneficial and ticks all of the other boxes mentioned in this guide.

Quality – The last thing you need to consider when choosing a promotional product is quality. if you give a customer or potential customer a gift, and it falls apart or breaks, what does this say about your business? Rather than impressing your customers, you are telling them that you do not prioritise quality, and this is never a good message to give off.