5 Affordable Bags for Every Fashion Girl’s Wish List

A handbag is an accessory that can completely transform an outfit, and many of us have a number of handbags on our wish list already. There are certain bags that we dream of (hello Chanel Boy Bag), but until then we can dream of having something else just as beautiful (but a little easier on the wallet) in the meantime!

Your handbag collection does not need to be big, but if you make intentional purchases you can have a handbag for every occasion and switch up your looks.  

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Here are 5 affordable bags to add to your wish list:

An Italian leather handbag

A beautiful high-quality leather bag is a classic piece that you will reach for over and over again. It is as practical as it is beautiful and for a leather bag, an Italian bag is classic. From sites like Mirta, you can shop for 100% ‘Made in Italy’ Italian bags and find a style and color that you will love and last for years to come. 

Puff clutches

Clutches are often structured and more on the fancy end, but this new style was introduced as a leather pouch bag that influenced the trend of puff clutches. In beautiful leather with smooth finishes or textured finishes, you can find a puff clutch that is casual but fashionable and suits your everyday needs.  

Mini Nylon bag

Prada’s Nylon bag is another one for the wish list, but you can treat yourself to a mini Nylon bag from more affordable designers for the same effect. Nylon is not a common material when it comes to handbags, but following this trend is a fun way to mix up what you have in your collection. 

Oversized totes

Oversized totes are practical and fashionable. We’ve seen micro-bags to XXL bags, but oversized totes that actually hold your belongings but don’t overwhelm your frame too much are one of the most welcomed bags dominating street style now. 

Knotted straps

First seen at Rejina Pyo and then also beautifully done by the Bottega Veneta Jodie bag is the knotted strap detail. You can find handbags on the high street from Topshop as well as Mango at an affordable price that you can introduce yourself to the handbag with knotted straps style.

These bags are good to use for now until we may be able to invest a bit more into our favorite, desired designer bag. It also gives you the opportunity to see which handbag style and color you really use and love so that when it does come time when you can make an investment, you select a bag that will last you years to come.