4 Ways To Style A Graphic Tee

Although every clothing line tends to have its own unique items and special style, it seems that almost every one of them now includes the ubiquitous graphic tee.

Not only do graphic tees allow us to display our favorite mantras, artists and media, they are incredibly versatile and easy to wear.

Whether you prefer contemporary character tees from high street stores or tongue-in-cheek slogan shirts from online stores like ShopBetches, everyone suits a graphic tee. On a basic level, all you have to do is throw your favorite one on with a pair of jeans and you’re ready for anything. It’s that easy!

The only real problem that comes with a graphic tee becomes apparent when we want to transform the relaxed, comfortable look into something a little more luxe. For instance, how would you wear your favorite graphic tee to work or to a fancy dinner?

Well, there’s no need to worry as we’ve come up with a few ways you can wear any graphic tee from your hilarious ‘Kicking Ass & Forgetting Names’ to your Game of Thrones piece and everything in between.

”Nobody…”  CC BY 2.0)by GabPRR

At Work

Unless you’re required to wear formal work wear, then there’s no reason you can’t incorporate a classy graphic tee into your work wardrobe. Choose your favorite work trousers and see which of your graphic tees looks the most professional with them, whilst also ensuring they show at least a hint of your personality. After all, you’re not a robot and you can’t be stopped from expressing yourself entirely! Finish the look off by throwing on a blazer: the graphic tees ultimate best friend


For The Weekend

The weekend is the perfect time for each of us to truly embrace our own style and show off how great we are at creating outfits. This weekend, pair a graphic tee with a pair of rip knee or boyfriend jeans to enhance this simple look. If you’re planning on running errands then flats or trainers are your best footwear options, though if you’re going out to dinner or to the bar then it’s time to break out the heels.

Going Out For Dinner

When it comes to dinner outfits, the black and white graphic tees seem to work best, particularly if it features italic wording. The idea is to create a stylish, romantic look with an elegant silhouette, so we recommend you wear an A-line skirt. If you’re brave enough, you can switch your tights for knee high socks and throw on your favorite ballet shoes or heels.


Date Night

Romantic evenings are all about being flirty and comfortable, so what could possibly be more perfect than an endearing yet expressive graphic tee? To ensure you look like a mature adult instead of a tween though, you’re going to need to pair your t-shirt with a classy mid-length skirt and some elegant flats or heels. Alternatively, if you’d rather wear your joggers than a skirt, almost every shop is stocking fashionable trousers that are perfect for girls who want to look sexy without shaving their legs. Finish off the look by adding a clutch and some stylish jewelry like a statement necklace to complete the look.