3 Simple Tips to Record Travel Videos That Look Amazing

People are often disappointed by the travel videos that they record, as more often than not they don’t turn out looking that good.

Generally this is because conditions are rarely going to be ideal when you record travel videos, and that can affect your videos. The good news is that if you want to start recording travel videos that look amazing and really capture the sights and scenes that you come across – there are ways that you can do so. In particular these three simple tips could dramatically improve the travel videos that you record:

Increase the frame rate of the video camera

Most video cameras will have an option that allows you to increase the frame rate of the recording, and ideally you should increase it to 45 or even 60 if possible. Because travel videos tend to have a lot of movement in them, increasing the frame rate should improve the quality of the video by leaps and bounds and make it smoother and with better definition.
Just keep in mind that if you do increase the frame rate of your video camera the file size of all your recordings will be larger as well – which could start to quickly occupy your available storage.

Find ways to keep the video camera steady

Ideally when you record travel videos you should try to keep the video camera as steady as possible so that its focus is constant. That can be easier said than done however, especially if you’re holding it in your hands. If you have difficulty keeping the camera steady in your hands, try using a portable tripod stand. Alternatively if you need to keep moving while you record, using a strap-on camera holder could help.

Get closer to the subject that you’re recording

As a rule you should always try to get closer to the subject that you’re recording in your video when you’re framing them. Not only will this provide a greater level of detail, but it will make for much more compelling travel video footage in general.

One mistake that beginners often make is that they use the ‘zoom’ feature on their cameras instead of actually getting physically closer. That is bad as most video cameras use digital zoom that will adversely affect the video quality.

The next time you’re travelling, be sure to try out these tips and see for yourself how much they are able to improve the travel videos that you record. All in all you should end up with videos that look much better, and with a few improvements to your technique could turn out to be amazing.

That being said there will still be lots of cases where the footage that you record leaves a lot to be desired because of factors outside your control. That is why it helps to be able to edit your travel videos and process the footage that you record, which is where Movavi Video Editor could be a big help.

As a user-friendly editor, Movavi Video Editor is essentially as close as you’ll get to an iMovie for PC. It has some incredible features and will allow you to not only compile your travel videos but improve their quality, fix any issues, add background music, apply special effects, and more.

At the end of the day with the features in Movavi Video Editor you should be able to truly ensure your travel videos look amazing by the time you’re done. In fact you could transform them into content that is perfect to share on social media or even publish on a blog or website.