3 Ghost Movies to get into the Halloween Spirit

A celebration observed in most countries on October 31st, Halloween originates from the Celtic holiday of Samhain. Over the centuries, this day has transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day filled with trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes.

Many Halloween enthusiasts celebrate this day throughout the entire month of October, counting down the days by watching scary movies primarily featuring ghosts and paranormal activity. Teenage kids love to be scared too, but make sure they are watching movies suitable for their age. Have a look here for horror movies for 13 year olds. Even those who may not typically enjoy horror movies may enjoy watching a few ghost movies during this time of year. Here are 3 recent titles that are guaranteed to get you into the Halloween spirit: “Ghost Stories”, “Winchester” and “The Lodgers”. All three movies are currently available on uk.chili.com.

Ghost Stories

Written and directed by Any Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, Ghost Stories is based on their 2010 stage play of the same name. In the movie, Nyman stars as Philip Goodman, a man devoted to debunking fraudulent psychics. In 1977, Goodman’s strict Jewish father threw out his sister for dating a South Asian man. Goodman then became a well-known professor and television presenter, making it his life’s work to debunk fraudulent psychics and stop people’s lives from being ruined by superstition like his family. Goodman is approached by famed 1970’s paranormal investigator Charles Cameron to look into three incidents of supposedly real supernatural ghost sightings. The movie follows Goodman as he investigates these sightings. From a night watchman who is haunted by the spirit of a young girl while working in a former asylum for women, to a teenager who believes he ran over the Devil in the woods and a financier who was plagued by a poltergeist while awaiting the birth of his child. Offering frightful twists, this skillfully told anthology is the perfect ghost mystery movie to enjoy during the Halloween period.


This  supernatural horror film released in 2018 and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig stars Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester, an old widow building an extremely curious house. While the movie may not seem too scary from the plot, what makes it truly terrifying is that it is based on a true story and filmed in the very real haunted Winchester mansion, which is today a very popular tourist destination in San Jose, California. After the death of husband William Winchester of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Sarah begins to build Winchester House. Often labeled as the Winchester Mystery House, the mammoth mansion is estimated to contain 160 rooms, many of which are not accessible. The house also features a series of hallways and staircases that apparently lead to nowhere, windows that look into other windows and doors that open onto two-story drops. It is believed that the house’s unorthodox layout and the reasons for its long construction was to placate the numerous ghosts who dwelled within the house. The movie’s plot features a fictional character, a psychiatrist named Eric Price who is sent to the house to determine if Sarah Winchester truly believes her house is haunted by ghosts. Here he not only studies the mansion and its curiosities, but discovers that ghosts do truly haunt the house.

The Lodgers

Written by David Turpin and directed by Brian O’Malley, this 2017 Irish gothic horror movie tells the story of a family’s shame and fate sealed by birth. Following the drowning of their parents, Rachel and Edward live their lives inside their family home, where they must be locked in their rooms by midnight, may never let a stranger through the door and must always remain together to avoid death. This life was lived by all their ancestors as well, and on their eighteenth birthday the twins must fulfill their roles within this enduring lineage. Knowing that their ancestors all died doing so, Rachel wishes to test their fate and escape. Unable to leave alone without sacrificing her brother’s life, Rachel seeks to convince Edward to leave together before their lingering and haunting birthday. This delicately crafted movie features a disturbing atmosphere certain to seep under the skin of those who follow along with Rachel and Edward’s destiny. Halloween is never complete without a few ghost stories to create a spooky and eerie atmosphere throughout the month. All three movies mentioned above are perfect ghost mysteries, seeking to understand and prove the existence of ghosts in our world. They will certainly draw the viewer in, anticipating the night of Halloween believed to be itself haunted by ghosts and supernatural beings.