Treacle Clothing

Treacle Clothing is a UK based collective of artists, photographers, musicians, dropouts, graffiti artists, geeks, and filmmakers.

Street Photography Now

A new book full of wonderful pictures of life ‘on the streets’, each one photographed in a unique and beautiful way.

Pigs Might Fly – Pink Floyd

While Roger Waters takes a break before the European part of his amazing re-invention of ‘The Wall’ I have just read a great Pink Floyd book called ‘Pigs Might Fly’ by Mark Blake.

Heavy Metal Presents: Gates

We take a look at Heavy Metal’s very first online comic, the brilliant Gates. We interview creator Hal Hefner for the lowdown on the project.

Movies – Simon Pegg in 'Paul'

Since their beginnings in the wonderful TV series ‘Spaced’ I always look out for stuff with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in. Take a look at their new one ‘Paul’