Sponsored Video: Twingo Flamingo

Now, I’m definitely not one to cast aspersions on the creative minds who work for the advertising agencies who make them, but car advertisements often have a tendency to be rather stuffy macho affairs. Moody drivers, exotic locations, dark brooding music. You get the idea.

That’s why I quite like this new Ad for the Renault Twingo. They’ve managed to come up with an idea that is a bit less in your face, a touch lighter and dare I say it, fun. The Ad also reminds me of that video directed by Spike Jonze where Bjork dances with a tea cup and those grand theatrical music numbers that used to be in films on a Saturday afternoon when there was only 3 channels to choose from.

Anyway, the girl is called Nicole (possibly as a nod to the old ‘Papa’ Renault Ads), and if I’m being totally honest, she seems a big deranged. Now I know car salesmen sometimes get a tough rap as being pushy, but I went into the Renault showroom in Norwich a few weeks ago when my car was being serviced next door and they were pretty helpful.


The Renault Twingo itself shares the same excellent chassis as the new Smart Four Two 2015 review, and like the Four Two it also has a rear mounted engine and rear wheeled drive. As a city car it ticks all the right boxes; it looks great, it’s fun to drive, CO2 emissions are low and it’s economical too.


The Twingo does have stiff competition, especially from the Volkswagen Up and Hyundai i10, but it’s worth popping down to give it a test drive and finding out for yourself. Just look out for Flamingos on the way.

Now what rhymes with Twingo? See what’s happening on Twitter #TwingoFlamingo

This video is sponsored by Renault, but all thoughts are my own.

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