Sponsored Video: Lexus + Will.I.Am #thatPOWER

will.i.am has always been a bit of a geek. Way before he sat on a revolving chair on ‘The Voice’ techno giants Intel Corp employed him as ‘Director of creative innovation’, which sounds like a pretty fun title for a musician.

He’s also dabbled with car design, last year he teamed up with Lexus to create a ultra special, bespoke version of the NX that has a custom wide bodykit, 22-inch black alloys and some very slick matt pearl white paint.

One cool touch for the tech-heads is the addition of four 180 degree cameras that allows the driver to take panoramic photos as you drive along. The beautifully crafted bespoke additions also included a brushed aluminum and hand embroidered Nappa Leather interior. Pretty cool eh?

This time Lexus have challenged will.i.am to not only remix, but ‘redesign’ his icon track #thatPOWER for a special event on a disused runway in Segovia, Spain with three cool Lexus NX’s (see video above)


By using audio, visuals and the cars, will.i.am was able to orchestrate the synchronisation of more than 350 lasers and lights triggered in sync to the music and the effect is spectacular.

As for the NX, Lexus’s first foray into the mid-size premium crossover is already a big seller, turning heads (and red chairs) right across Europe.

This video is sponsored by Lexus but all thoughts are my own

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