Top 5 Frankfurt Motorshow 2011

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 was one of the most exciting Motor shows in recent years. There were someone terrific new cars launched and amazing concept vehicles on display at this years event.

Frankfurt Motor Show Report

Many manufacturers choose Frankfurt as a place to showcase their ‘green’ plans for the future, and low emissions / electric / hybrid vehicles were featured predominately at the show (of course there were still plenty of fast and exciting new sports cars to drool over too).

Ace car NUT and blogger Lisa (The Car Addict) was at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we asked her to put together her TOP FIVE highlights of the event for Flush the Fashion.

#1: Ford EVOS Concept

Frankfurt Motorshow 2011

We will never see the new Ford EVOS Concept on the streets the way it looks now. The EVOS is just a concept to demonstrate Ford’s new visions for design and technology in the future. With its Gull wing doors (both front and rear) it certainly turned a few heads in Frankfurt.

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It is driven by a 2.0 litre Atkinson Cycle regular petrol engine in unison with an electric motor, something that seemed to be a common theme at the motor show this year. Ford’s goal with the EVOS was to make everything customer-friendly with ‘unique, and unexpected features that surprise and delight people’.

#2: Maserati Kubang

Frankfurt Motorshow 2011

A new member of the “High-class” SUV’s: The Maserati Kubang. Maserati have been a bit slow to catch up with the rest of the major luxury car manufacturers and tackle a 4X4 but here it is. This is the same car Maserati presented at the Detroit Motor Show in 2003. Now it is a reality.

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Containing a Ferrari built engine it will be based around the framework of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It looks great but when it goes on sale it’s likely to be around the £100k mark.

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