Drive With Style: Tips And Tricks For Car Maintenance!

You might have invested heavily in your choice of stylish motor that will impress those around you, but you certainly won’t look cool if you break down or have to sort out a mechanical problem by the roadside. All too often the proud owners of brand new cars – and second hand ones, for that matter – drive off the dealer’s forecourt without thinking about simple maintenance measures which will keep their vehicle looking cool and performing well.

Particular attention needs to be paid to maintaining a car when it is under new ownership. As you get used to driving it, you will probably be able to detect little issues as you go. For new cars, especially brand new ones don’t neglect maintenance.

Oil Changes
If your stylish new car is brand new, then your warranty package will probably include oil changes up to a certain mileage point. Always consult the manual for the first oil change. Many production cars don’t need their first oil change until after you may think. Nevertheless, performance cars often require them sooner than many proud new owners expect.

How often should you change your oil? Well, the general rule is to change your vehicle’s oil and filter about every 4 months or so. Some people prefer to do this every time they clock up another 3,000 or 4,000 miles, but the point is that the job is not neglected. High quality cars will simply start to perform increasingly poorly if they don’t have their oil reserves changed. Simply topping up the oil is rarely good enough.

Tyre Care
Keeping your tyres in good condition is another essential maintenance tip, especially if yours are part-worn because you have bought a used car. Always check your tyre tread for signs of wear, especially if you have been pulling away quickly or braking hard. Really good tyre manufacturers – the likes of Bridgestone, Hankook, Continental and so on – can add to your vehicle’s style and attractiveness. Use a reputable tyre dealership, like Point-S, who stocks all of these tyre makers’ products, not just the inferior, budget stock that many run-of-the-mill motorists go for.

Bodywork Tips
Maintaining your car’s bodywork is essential in order to keep it looking stylish, particularly if you have been driving on the motorway when you pick up grime. A once over with a sponge and soapy water is a good start for protecting the paintwork from unwanted elements. However, wax your car to really give it an extra level of stylish protection and make it gleam. After waxing or applying a polymer sealant to the surface, use a soft cloth towel to rub away the hazy exterior, but remember to keep your movements in one direction for the best results.

Another bodywork tip – which will keep your car looking cool – is to pay particular attention to areas of trim. There are a number of good polishes on the market that are designed specifically to clean chrome trim, for example, which won’t scratch the delicate layer of plating that sits on the surface. These products also usually protect chrome areas of the car from rust and leave the surfaces treated with it shining and bright, so it is a really good idea if you own a classic car.

Remember that it is perfectly possible to use chrome polish on other metal surfaces of your car, too. Just make sure you don’t get it on the car’s paintwork and wipe away any accidental spillages immediately.

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