Cars: The 2013 Skoda Octavia

The petrol-cap fitted ice scraper on the new Octavia would have been just the job on freezing windscreens back home in the UK. Under the blue skies of Portugal, (the location for Skoda’s launch) however, it seemed a clever but somewhat redundant innovation under the circumstances. 

This new version of Skoda’s biggest seller is key to their continued accession worldwide and after a days testing in and around the hills of Faro it seems their future looks brighter than ever.

They’ve been shuffling the deck of late, unwrapping a new entry level family car, the Rapid, as a result the Octavia has all gone up-market on us. Targeted to be in direct competition with the VW Golf or Ford Focus price-wise, the great thing about the Octavia is its specifications and size are comparable with the more expensive Passat or Mondeo models. That is good for us Joe Public, and a big advantage over their competitors too…

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