Review and competition: Wireless Poker Controller

Online poker is such big business I was surprised to hear that there weren’t more products like the Wireless Poker Controller out on the market. And the news is after using the ‘Wireless Poker Controller’ for a week now the competition will have to go some to come up with anything better.

My problem with playing online poker is, well, you have to be at your computer to do it. I can play on my XBox from an ultimate ‘chillax’ position, but if I want to play poker I have to lurch over my mouse like the guy in accounts does. Not any longer….

Initial reaction

Ok, so open the box and you will find the controller itself (nice to see batteries are included) a USB wired connecter (if you run out of batteries) and a USB connecter dongle thing).

Word of warning: Also included is a cardboard CD. Do not accidentally put this in your computer as it will get stuck and you will have to take it to the shop to get it out.
Only a real idiot would do this, (I did it).

Set up is fairly easy, similar to connecting an Xbox wireless controller. Go to your favourite Poker Room (most of the main ones are supported) and away you go.

Quick tip:To start, have a few games on the free tables to start, it will save you making any costly mistakes until you feel your way around on the controller.

What surprised me about the controller was that after a relatively short time it felt like a very natural thing to use and if you try one out you will wonder why you have been hunched over a mouse for so long when this was on the market.

The four main controls are bet, check and fold, and the betting wheel, this enables you to set your bet easily without having to drag a slider up and down with your mouse trying to find the correct amount.
In addition to these there are smaller preset buttons to bet x2 the pot, x3 pot, x5pot and ‘all-in’ and lots more, like switch tables (ideal if you play more than one at a time), go to lobby, sit out and even a great ‘on tilt’ button that freezes you out if you’re on a bad run.

Using the wireless controller frees yourself from the mouse and you play in a way more akin to traditional offline poker playing. The controller is a substitute for your cards and well as being more enjoyable to use than a mouse, psychologically it removes the physical connection to your computer enabling you to play more objectively.

In other words, it allows you to think about only the game (and that can only be a good thing).

The negatives:
You can’t use it on a Mac (see below) and the design is a bit clunky, although it does feel nice and sturdy in your hands. And why isn’t it called something instead of just the ‘Wireless Poker Controller’?

The positives:
There are many and once you have used one of these poker controllers you will find it very hard to go back to using a mouse again.

Stop Press
If you don’t have a PC, the same company have just brought out a nice iPhone app that allows you to use your phone as a wireless poker controller. You can get a free version (PartyPoker only) or for $14.99 a version that will work on all the major Poker sites. I don’t have an iPhone, but a friend of mine tried it out and he has been using it non-stop for the last few days.

Poker Controls iPhone App - Ultimate Edition - Smarter Controls International

The controller is available to buy here for around £80. Or for a chance to win a Wireless Poker Controller answer the following question.

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