Natasha Lunn

Film Review: Skyfall

Mendes’s Skyfall is beautiful – when black silhouettes play rough and tumble against blue-lit jellyfishes, it’ll take your breath away. But if anyone was worried that the American Beauty director would serve up a stylish but vacuous Bond, they needn’t have been.

Film Review: Brave

In their first female heroine, Pixar gives us a girl with guts. Yes, she’s a princess. But this model comes with a hunger pangs, a penchant for archery and flaws aplenty.

Film Review – Fast Girls

The best-loved sports movies (The Mighty Ducks, Cool Runnings, Rocky) all follow a pretty rigid formula. Underdogs are introduced, things look promising, things go tits up, things go really tits up, and then all is salvaged and success shows up just in time for the credits to roll.

Film Review: The Lucky One

If ‘The Lucky One’ film was a drink, it’d be a pastel pink milkshake. Unashamedly sugary, a little bit slushy and reassuringly comforting.