Mobile Devices Revolutionising Online Poker

Millions of poker fans around the world have logged on at some time or other to play online poker, as it provide a quick and convenient way of finding a poker game any time of the day or night with the hassles of travelling to a casino or organizing a game with friends.

ipad pokerOnline poker websites such as Pokerlistings exploded onto the scene in the early 2000s and have continued to grow ever since, adding new features and functionality over the years in an effort to provide poker fans with the widest choices of games at different stakes and buy-ins.

The recent boom of smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad has also had a major impact on online poker, with more and more sites developing apps that let their existing customers tap into online poker games from their mobile devices. As the security has improved and Apple and Google have become more receptive to poker apps for real money wagering being distributed in their respective app stores, poker fans have increased choices when it comes to poker apps for their mobile devices.

While mobile poker apps are by necessity a bit limited as compared to playing at online sites with your desktop or laptop — with the primary limitation being how many tables you can play at one time on a mobile device due to screen size — the basic functionality of the game is still intact. There are articles out there like this one that puts both the iPhone and the iPad and place these devices on a side by side comparison in terms of playing poker with them.

Some mobile poker apps also are tightly integrated with sites such as Facebook, letting you instantly share big hands that you win with your Facebook friends with just a few clicks.

Majority of websites that are launching the new iPad poker apps often offer special promotions related to the release of the mobile apps, including free tournament tickets for just playing a few hands with the app or special cash bonuses for giving the mobile apps a whirl.

If you’d prefer to simply play poker on your mobile device for free, you have many different options there as well, with Zynga Poker and other apps offering you the chance to play cash games and tournaments against computer opponents as well as other live players from around the world.

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