Those Dancing Days

Isn’t it always special when you hear a band that sound similar to someone you completely adore, but they are also completely different at the same time?

Those Dancing Days

Enter Swedish all-girl band Those Dancing Days.

Their latest single ‘I’ll Be Yours‘ takes inspiration from The Cure circa ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ era. The simple intoxicating rhythms mix with post-punk, almost melancholic synth-beats that have you clicking your heels and whistling the tune (hopefully) all the way to the nearest record store.

With an entirely different approach to their previous album In Our Space Hero Suits”, it’s quite possibly their most profound single so far, and one that looks set to attract a completely fresh audience.

I’ll be Yours offers not just a fresh new hip beat, but something more inspired, a twist and turn with a fresh outlook to the new age of indie music, learning from the masters to inspire a fun-loving and fantastically new shape.

Look sharp and keep on the lookout for their next album “Daydreams and Nightmares”. released on Wichita Records on the 7th March.

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