Ian Garland BOTW #8 The Lovely Eggs

You could argue that the music scene could do with a good kick up the ass at the moment. The underground scene (or should I say ‘indie’ scene?) is still pretty exciting, but not much of the real cool stuff manages to penetrate the actual ‘official’ chart. You could argue that’s a blessing – why let the cool stuff intermingle with the likes of Rih***a or T****y St**der?

The Lovely EggsWhich brings me to a band that the world needs to know about, a band that should be blasting through all boundaries, pervading through the pop charts right to the core and giving it that shake up that it needs.

This is a band I’ve been listening to for the past week that’s had me bouncing around my living room like a deranged rabbit. This band are…The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs are husband and wife duo, David Blackwell and Holly Ross from Lancaster, UK.

I can’t help but feel a little cheated as this band formed back in 2006 and already have a few EP’s and a couple of albums under their belt.

Why do I feel cheated? Cos they are absolutely brilliant and it’s only now I’ve discovered them.

Describing their music, I would say they’re fundamentally a punk band with northern wit, they’re psycho-pop (if that’s a genre?) and they’re the sound of sucking on a bitter lemon whilst jumping on a trampoline listening to Kenickie!

I’ve heard someone compare them to The Television Personalities, but they actually remind me a lot of The Vaselines for their quirkiness and catchy tunes.

Pic- One day the Eggs will have a real recording studio

Perhaps their songs are somewhat juvenile with little numbers such as ‘People Are Tw*ts’, and ‘I like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too’! Indeed their song, ‘Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It)’, which features on their latest album Cob Dominos is no exception to the rule, with lyrics which go….

“Look at him with his sausage-roll thumb – look at her with a washing-line smile – look at him with his dog-dirt eyes – look at her with a dressing-gown nose…”.

Juvenile maybe, but juvenile genius.

Don’t Look At Me has become my single of the year by far – I can’t get enough of it! Who cares if it’s the type of song which may have been written by a bunch of kids that have overdosed on Sunny Delight and then caused a riot in Mothercare?

Cos it’s fun, fun, fun and that is what’s missing in some of our dreary lives right now. This is punk. Scrambled.

Check out the fantastic video which features the legend that is John Shuttleworth (he’s the one with the sausage-roll thumb). For the uninitiated, John Shuttleworth – real name, Graham Fellows – is a comedic actor and musician from Sheffield (Yorkshire, UK). Those of a certain age may remember him as Jilted John.