Live Review: You Me at Six @O2 Leicester

You Me at Six Live Review

The balcony and the floor is packed out at the O2 in Leicester, this show sold out in an hour when tickets were released, and with such a strong line up it’s easy to see why.

First on the stage tonight are Pop punk group Mayday Parade have come all the way from Florida, and their energy is incredible, they play fan favourites ‘Black Cat’ and ‘When I Get Home You’re So Dead’ as well as a few newbies, but are slightly let down by a lead singer whose voice is less than amazing on the night.

Next up one of Wales’ biggest rock acts, and a band that could easily sell out the o2 on their own, the amazing Kids in Glass Houses (above). On this occasion they’re happy to take a support role and ditch the usual uniform stage gear, (seen on their latest album ‘In Gold Blood’) for more everyday clothes instead.

Opening with ‘Animals’, after several years of touring they’ve clearly defined their show and perfected the alternative rock sound. Lead singer Aled Phillips’ vocals are stronger and the whole band is just incredible. ‘Give Me What I Want’, ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunshine’ turn up the heat and the crowd response is fantastic.

With the amount of girls screaming it feels like a McFly gig, and when You Me At Six vocalist Josh Franceschi sings the first line from their single ‘Loverboy’ the whole crowd belt it back at him.

This gig had originally been in doubt when he was diagnosed with tonsillitis last week, and as a result they had to pull two shows before this one, making this the first leg of the tour. “I’m struggling to even talk to you at the moment”, Josh said as he paced up and down the stage. It could be heard in his talking but not in his singing, and if it wasn’t for him bringing up his illness no one would have even known.

Carrying on with songs from their album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, ‘Reckless’ and ‘The Dilemma’, older tracks including ‘Take Off Your Colours’ and ‘Liquid Confidence’ are sprinkled in too, before Josh says “Out with the old, in with the f**king new” and plays ‘No One Does It Better’.

The band also play ‘The Swarm’ their newest song and one they recorded for a new rollercoaster at Thorpe Park. Makes a change from dedicating it to your girlfriend I suppose.

Things slow down and they go acoustic on ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Crash’, and the crowd are singing along nicely. At the end they return for the encore to play ‘Stay With Me’ followed by ‘Bite My Tongue’, introduced by Josh as “The song that’s kept this band together”.

After three insanely successful albums, You Me at Six show no desire to slow down yet, and they’ve gone from a small band from Surrey to playing sold out shows all over the world. With fans across the whole spectrum of rock, looks like we’ll be hearing the screams for some time to come.