Flush the Fashion Sampler May/June 2011

May / June Music Download Sampler

Do you have 30,000 songs on your iPod but don’t want to listen to any of them? Flush the Fashion has the answer. Listen to something different…

Our latest download sampler is possibly our best yet. The perfect antidote for music overload. Here is some info on our featured artists this month.
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Charlie Simpson – Don’t I Hold You?
Although still only 26, Charlie is already somethinng of a musical veteran. Having sold over 3 million records while still a teenager in pop band Busted, he went hardcore in Fightstar and on his brilliant debut ‘solo’ record ‘Young Pilgrim‘ has found some musical middle ground. This is a beautiful cover of a track first recorded by Wheat.

Black String Theory – This Clouded View
Take one Swiss and one Australian, both fans of British music and drop them in LA. The resulting mix is Black String Theory, look out for an interview with the band this week on Flush the Fashion.

Dynasty Electric – Friends
This band are so eclectic it is hard to know hoe to even describe them. One minute the sound like PJ harvey, the next.. well, the best thing to do is just listen to a track from Golden Arrows, their new record and make up your own mind.

Vio/Miré – Much That Could Be Found.
Beautifully melancholic, and equally uplifting, if you are a fan of Bright Eyes or Elliot Smith you will love Vio/Miré. This song is taken from an ultra LTD edition record and XFM / 6Music fav Looking Glass, out this week on from the Tip Top records label (more info here).

Peter Marchant – Space Invaders
Not much is know about Peter up to now, except he calls his music Melodramatic Alternative and his music ROCKS! Imagine Ben Folds jamming with Iron Maiden and Foxy Shazzam after a Spinal Tap gig and you’ll be in the right ball park. [Watch this Space] We will find out more.

To Listen to our latest Sampler click HERE

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