DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation

Gibson have a reputation as one of the best guitars makers in the world, and no self respecting rock’n’roll band from the last 40 years would leave the house without at least a couple of Les Paul’s in the back of the van / truck / plane. In recent times Gibson have been branching out and Stanton, their pro audio division is embracing the cutting edge of technology and releasing exciting new products for DJ’s.

DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation

The DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation provides control over four decks of audio at once while incorporating some awesome creativity tools. Intuitively labeled shift layers allow for direct access to filter, key and other advanced controls to enable real-time manipulation. The FX section provides direct access to three FX per deck, as well as a Fader-FX control mode.

All controls can be mapped to any DJ/VJ software. There are two stereo Line/Phono inputs that can be used for Turntable/CD connections, as well as DVS control.

Set up is simple, just plug in via usb and away you go. Perfect to get you from the bedroom to the mainstage. The solid build and compatibility with future products should mean it should be as commonplace in the dance clubs and studios as their guitars have been in rock’n’roll.

Price is £299.99 For more info visit