Dead Sea Navigators: Uncharted

dead sea navigatorsDiving into ‘Uncharted’ waters with Dead Sea Navigators

How do you make your music stand out in a musical landscape where digital is ever more the norm – not just in the release methods but also in its very sonic texture? Well, for British trio Dead Sea Navigators it’s all about doing things your way. So they created ‘an antidote to corporate pop’ by writing an EP that ‘we wanted to hear’.

The band (Steph Naylor on vocals/piano, Nik Williams on bass, and Claire Brock on drums) are ‘influenced by anything outside the norm’ and in Uncharted they’ve created a sumptuous, theatrical sound.

Jazzy-Indie with a hint of Britpop, Uncharted creates cinematic images throughout: whether that’s the domestic humdrum landscape of ‘Sleepers’ or the epic mystery drama of ‘Embassy’. The other tracks ‘Actors’ and ‘Crellin’ build up the tension and then burst forth unexpectedly, which just adds to the cinematic scope of the EP.

For those wanting an intelligent and engaged record, combining moments of calm with a bold, dramatic approach, Uncharted proves to be a very rewarding listen. Sometimes it’s worth going into uncharted territory.

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