Eat, Play and Love your way to winning at Poker

Beth "Betyamama" GainsPlaying Poker successfully (both online and off) requires skill, concentration and stamina. You can’t pick your cards, but there are things you can do to help give yourself an edge over your opponents.

Flush the Fashion will be looking at a range of ways to improve your poker playing in the coming months. Some crazy, some more ‘down to earth’.

First up is Beth “Betyamama” Gains, a professional with cash wins at the World Series of Poker and more than $50,000 in career earnings. Aimed mainly at women poker players, ‘Eat, Play, Love’ is a way of winning that doesn’t stop when you leave the poker table. I asked Beth for some more info.

Beth: Eat Play love is a Holistic approach to the game of poker. Anyone who is serious about making a living at the game knows it’s a very hard life and its difficult to stay positive and healthy.
What my seminars do is try to alter or shift your consciousness so you are able to stop sabotaging your game and life. This is done by getting rid of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your game.

Can anyone come to a seminar?

Yes. All are welcome.

Where are you seminars held?
I travel all over the world doing my seminars, but I am based in Los Angeles (where else?). I am also available for private coaching.

How do find the time to balance a family and playing poker and doing the seminars?
I am very blessed with a wonderful and supportive husband and 2 great kids………….but it does get overwhelming when I travel. When that happens I just think about what a great service I am providing and how lucky I am.

Do you get feedback from people who go to your seminars?
I always include some time at the end for Questions and Answers, a lot of people have contacted me after to say they have had positive results from using my techniques.

Can you give us some quick tips?

It’s not healthy to feel intimidated at the table, so confidence is a major factor. I encourage my students to remain mentally relaxed and neutral, winning or losing should not affect your outward temperament. Never give Up, Always play you’re ‘A’ game and Due diligence.

Can people take what they have learned from you and apply it their everyday life?
I’m hoping that’s what occurs and that an overall sense of wellness will
Naturally become part of their lives.Women need to feel their self worth and get over their self hatred.I know that when I replace FEAR with LOVE. My world is open to all the miracles.

Finally, what are your favorite two hole cards?
6-8 off suit

For more tips and advice from Beth

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Our first game is on on Tuesday February 1st at 9PM GMT.
The Tournament is totally free to enter but there are only seats for 100 players. We have added $50 to the prize money so no-one is going to become a millionaire (but you won’t lose anything either). If you’re up for a friendly game and don’t know who the fish is either, give us your details and we’ll make sure you get the password first.

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