Game Review: Space Channel 5: Part 2 XBLA

Does anyone remember The Jetsons? That futuristic cartoon show, where everything looked so colourful and space-y (Is that a word?). Well if you ever thought they should take that cartoon, mix it with a hint of Austin Powers, and turn it into a game, then say hello to Space Channel 5 Part 2, which has been ported from the PS2 to the XBLA.


The game is set in “the future”, it doesn’t really give a proper era or year, but you can tell it’s in the future by all the spaceships and funky space clothing. You play a sassy reporter named Ulala, who must protect the public from the Rhythm Rogues, who have captured the president, and forced many civilians to dance uncontrollably.

It’s the sort of plot you expect from a cheesy B-Movie, but I find the cheesiness works in the game’s favour. It’s light-hearted and very charming.

Space Channel 5: Part 2 is essentially a rhythm action game, but with a slight twist. It plays out like a game of Simon says. Your opponent will carry out a series of moves, and you have to copy them in perfect rhythm.

Luckily the controls are extremely simplistic; just the four directional buttons, A for ‘Chu’ (Or ‘Shoot), and B for ‘Hey’. You might have to match a set of dance moves, or use your ray gun to shoot enemies/save civilians from a funky fate. It might not seem appealing, but after a few rounds against the Rhythm Rogues, I had such a sense of glee boogieing along to the great soundtrack.

The graphics might seem old fashioned compared to today’s games, but remember; this is a port from the PS2. Despite the blocky textures, it’s still bright, vibrant, and looks like it’s jumped straight out of the 60’s.

My only complaint is that they only have the sequel on the XBLA and not the original, it would be nice to play them sequentially.

Nine out of 10Despite this, I still enjoyed the game. It’s funky, entertaining, and very addictive. If they can port this game to the XBLA, then I hope Parappa the Rapper is next. I highly recommend it, and you can also download the demo for free.

Platform: Xbox 360
Price: 800 Microsoft Points