BradyGames’ Max Payne 3 Strategy Guide

BradyGames Max Payne stratery guideBradyGames, makers of some of the most thorough and high-quality strategy guides out there, strikes again with a gorgeous paperback walk-through for Max Payne 3. While it’s not the most complex game out there in terms of mechanics, when it comes to collectible ‘completion-ism’, and exploring every fantastically built level to the maximum, you can’t do much better than this.

After giving a run-down of the game’s controls, settings and gametypes, the guide gives perhaps its most useful feature for the hardcore of shooter fans. Listing every single weapon in the game and a meticulous breakdown of their stats and minutiae, you get a seriously good idea at what you should be taking into which battles.

While admittedly this might be considered overkill on your first playthrough, when it comes to Hardcore and Old School difficulties Max Payne 3 takes no prisoners, and weapon choice optimisation is key.

Following this, the guide gives new players to the series a catch-up of events past in the Max Payne games, and a taste of what is to come in the current plotline. This isn’t the only time, either, and the guide does a great job of paying equal attention to the all-important story as to the gameplay. Each mission’s walk-through also keeps you well up to date on the game’s plot, and you won’t be getting lost in the game’s cast of characters and corporations any time soon.

However, the main point of a strategy guide is, of course, to offer tactics and hints throughout, and not a detail is spared in giving maps of every single area, complete with collectible Golden Guns dotted accurately on them, and tips on how best to solve every tricky situation. Max has somewhat of a knack for getting into a pickle with hordes of bloodthirsty gangs, but the guide gives you just about the best support you can get for holding your own.

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Included in the final chapters of the guide is the series’ new multi-player element, which gets the same treatment: full detailing of each map, award, and customisable feature. Considering the multi-player’s fairly brutal pace and ‘low health, quick kills’ atmosphere, tactics (especially in objective gametypes) are essential.

BradyGames’ guide for Max Payne 3 isn’t just lovely to look at, with the game’s art splashed throughout, but it’s just about the best friend you can have when tackling the game’s 12 hour challenging campaign and indefinitely enjoyable multi-player.

Available in most good game shops and for online order at £12.99, this is a cracking buy for the Rockstar fans out there.

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