Sponsored Feature: The Adventures of BB Square

The Adventures of BB Square is a brand new cartoon comedy developed in Russia by famous animation duo Dmitry Visotskiy and Andrey Sikorskiy.

With the help of the little black square from Malevich’s ‘The Black Square’ painting this entertaining series makes a light-hearted attempt to connect the (sometimes) inaccessible world of art with ‘real’ life and normal people.

The Adventures of bb square

The little black square is able to tel-port characters from the art world into real life, and by taking his adopted family on adventures to experience such works as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe we see these amazing pieces of art from a whole new perspective.

Personally, anything that can widen the reach of art into mainstream society has got to be a good thing and by giving the artworks a voice and character the series offers a fun way into what can be an all too stuffy exclusive club.

In other episodes we’re introduced to masterpieces from Picasso, Matisse, and Munch to name but a few. Made by the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia, Erata the series is available on Erata’s YouTube Channel

There is twelve episodes in total with four currently available to view here

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