How to Style the Air Jordan 1 Low for Maximum Comfort and Style

One of the biggest films in 2023 was the film Air, which was about marketing the famous Air Jordan sneakers. Of course, Air Jordan has had a fascinating history and remains one of the most popular sneakers available. But how exactly do you style your Air Jordans with your outfit? While there’s the mid and the high, you’ll make a stand if you drop it down low!

This guide will show you how to wear the Air Jordan 1 Low and other styles with your chosen outfit. Here’s what you need to do:

Low Will Always Go

If you want to wear the Air Jordan 1 Low, you can style it with various outfits.

First, let’s look at the bottom part of your outfit. The great thing about Low sneakers is that they can go with any bottom. You can pair them with jeans, chinos, shorts, or skirts of any length. As for the colors, you can choose to contrast or match your outfit. Let’s say you decide to wear an all-white Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker. You’ll want to match them with khaki pants or yellow shorts.

You can also contrast them with black pants or shorts. Of course, they’ll also go well with jeans or denim shorts. You must remember that the Low style isn’t the most durable. While made for basketball, the Low styles are better for walking. Use these sneakers for daily use.

Make sure you clean them more often. Try to go at least two days per week without wearing them if possible. This helps them last much longer.

Style Your Outfit

Sometimes, rather than finding which shoes go with your outfit, you want to find an outfit to go with your shoes! While there are minimalist looks for Air Jordans, there are also vibrant designs that you can style with your outfit. For example, one of the most popular color combinations is red and black. This combination was the most popularly worn by Michael Jordan when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

With this model, the base of the Jordan sneakers is bright red. The tongue, sole, and Swoosh mark are black. You want to find an outfit that stands out just as much. Consider wearing a red top and black pants. If you’re in a colder climate, wear a black or red jacket. Alternatively, you can wear a minimalist design, such as a white top with khaki bottoms. This brings out the colors of your sneakers even more.

Test out different outfit combinations to decide what look you feel most comfortable wearing. 

How to Be Comfortable With the Air Jordan 1 Low

Generally, Air Jordan sneakers are lauded for their comfort. However, if you style them properly, you can wear them for several hours. As mentioned earlier, the Air Jordan 1 Low is not the most durable compared to other models. It needs more rest and is better for walking than constantly playing basketball.

These shoes have to be worn with thick cotton socks. If you walk at least 10,000 steps daily, you might feel sore by wearing these sneakers. However, thick cotton socks keep you comfortable and reduce these issues.

Protecting Your Ankles

One of the challenges with the Air Jordan 1 Low is that you need adequate ankle protection. This can become a problem with overexertion. It’s especially crucial if you walk a lot daily as well as if you play basketball.

However, there’s a way to resolve this. You’ll need to wear thick and long socks with these sneakers. High-ankle or tube socks are a great option to feel comfortable. Cotton socks are fine, but you’ll do much better with wool socks. You want to wear the latter if you’re in a colder environment.

If you’re playing basketball, wear compression leggings with these sneakers. These protect your ankles from too much exertion. You want to take extra care with your shoe’s tongue. This has a cushion that protects your ankle. The cushion can get torn rather easily, so you need to make sure you check it often. Take it to your cobbler even if you see the most minor tear.

Best Practices

Now let’s look at a few best practices on how to style your Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers. One is to consider the color of your socks! If you wear sneakers with shorts, you’ll need socks to complement your outfit.

Let’s say you wear an all-white or all-black Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker. Your socks should be the same color. Alternatively, choose the “opposite” color. Wear black socks with white sneakers or white socks with black sneakers. While Jordans are for casual outfits, there are also times when you can wear them in formal outfits. If you’re wearing Jordans with a suit, you want them to contrast with the main color. For example, if you’re wearing a black suit, you should wear all-white Jordans. The same goes for wearing navy blue or a beige suit.

When it comes to lacing, you want to use the window-lacing option. This is the most subtle type of lacing. While there are other options, you don’t want to distract from the overall look. The best way to show off your Jordans is to bring only a little attention to your laces or socks.

If you follow the steps in this guide, you’ll have no problem styling your Jordans. You won’t be the only one who gets a kick out of them!

Stand Out With Those Jordans

Now you know how to style the Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers and make a great impression. The great thing about these sneakers is that they’ll work with any outfit. You can choose to match or contrast them with your other colors. Make sure you wear thick socks to protect your ankles. Subtle colors are best for bringing out the colors of your sneakers. 

If you want to stand out, you’ll need even more fashion advice. If you check out our blog and we’ll get you covered!

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