Festivals – A Random Rant

Kate Moss Festival The first festival I went to was V2001 when I was 18. I’d been begging my parents to let me go to a festival for the two years prior to this but to no avail.

Finally, at the start of Summer 2001, they decided I was responsible and mature enough to be trusted to go down to Staffordshire with a bunch of college friends and enjoy a carefree weekend of music.

So I celebrated my eighteenth and then left just a few days later to pop my festival cherry.

Festivals then (and most definitely before then) were easy to get tickets for and were not a fashion parade… In fact it makes my blood boil to see it all now because it’s completely impractical for warmth, combatting the mud or just generally caring about why you’re really there.

That first festival, I took a pair of jeans and a few changes of grotty old t-shirts and jumpers that I would be quite prepared to leave behind should they become ‘un-salvageable’ which roughly translates as ‘I can’t be bothered to carry them home’. Seriously, when I was there, people were just wearing band t-shirts and jeans, no fancy hats, gladiator sandals or whatever was in vogue at that given time.

I’m not against people dressing up but I think they need to dress pretty and practically rather than wear something completely unsuitable just to look good. And I’m sick of battling with these sorts of people to get the tickets that I’d appreciate more!

I think what I’m trying to say is that we were there to enjoy bands, and thats how it was for a few years until I noticed that festivals were the new 18-30’s holiday.

They were now full of people that didn’t much care about music but they did love a good pose and a really good drink of overpriced, very warm, festival lager. Glastonbury 2005 – yes that one that flooded – was riddled with day visitors identified by their super clean and super dry (no branding intended) clobber.

Mud at festivalWe, on the other hand, were soaked to the bone and covered in mud with no way of getting dry.

That was the year that Kate Moss brought Hunter wellies and denim hotpants to the masses.
Cheers Kate!

Tilly’s Fashion Tips
If your thinking of going to one this year (and there are lots to choose from) my style tip would be: wear layers of things that are cheaper or old so that you don’t mind if they get destroyed if it’s a particularly muddy experience.

Welly boots are a must! And wear something comfortable and easy to stand in for long periods of time! I’ll probably go to a festival again but only when a) When I can afford it.
b) When I see a line up that’s worth the massive price tag.
c) When I figure out which one is the least poser filled.

I reckon if you’re reason for not going to go for the whole weekend because you can’t take your hair straighteners (that means you as well boys), then you probably shouldn’t be there.

Rant over.