Abnormal – Win a Ltd Edition T-Shirt

It’s tough out there in the big bad world of business. At Flush the Fashion we support the independents we like as much as possible. Without them life would be a much duller place.

Halloween Zombie T-Shirts from the Crypt

It’s nearly Halloween. You know that time of the year when all the kids dress up as witches and ghouls and zombies and you have to turn all the lights off and pretend you are not in. We have 2 suitably ghoulish zombie T-shirts up for grabs.

David Watts – London Fashion Week

Ahead of London Fashion Week, Flush the Fashion catch up with David Watts, the Fashion Business Adviser and a Mentor at the British Fashion Council. David is heavily involved in nurturing and supporting new British designers to fulfill their potential on the world fashion stage.

Old is the new Black

My taste for something a bit more individual came at an early age. My Great Nana used to bring me back party dresses from Singapore and nobody in England had anything similar.