Kia Concept Sedan, Bentley SUV and Eterniti Hemera to be launched in Frankfurt

It looks like the designers at Kia have been busy. Here is a first look at a brand new concept car that may just be a hint of things to come for the Korean car giant. The car, which is yet un-named will be on display for the first time at next months Frankfurt Motor Show.

The manufacturer will also be premiering a three-door version of the all-new Rio and a facelift version of the Kia Soul.

Kia sedan concept Frankfurt 2011

Another interesting car set to be unveiled in Frankfurt is the Eterniti Hemera, a new luxury car from an all new car manufacturer. Slightly more expensive than a Kia Soul, it’s being touted as a rival to the new Bentley SUV (bottom) and the centenary celebration Lagonda.

It won’t be cheap though, and the price is thought to be in the £150,000-£200,000 region. So far all we have is this concept sketch (below).

Eterniti Hemera Frankfurt 2011

Bentley SUV Frankfurt 2011

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