Clantastic: Fraggers Rock!

Hardcore Gamer ClanHave you ever been playing Call of Duty or Rainbow Six online and wondered who it was that just shot you in the head?

While over 5 million people regularly play on Xbox Live as part of an online team, the world of online gangs (or ‘clans’ as they are better know), is still somewhat of a mystery.

Are they ALL caffeine-fueled, junk-food eating, jobless, hedonistic lunatics who live with their mum and have never kissed a girl?

No, some of them are actually pretty normal people, just like you and me (only with lower levels of Vitamin D in their bodies).

I thought it would be a good idea to talk to a couple of gamers and get the lowdown on their own particular ‘clans’…. so I ‘camped’ out until a couple of targets came into my crosshair.

#1 Gamertag: Failboatskipper / Clan: LMB

What does LMB stand for?
We go by the clan tag of LMB, standing for ‘League of Magnificent B*stards’.

How long have you been in your ‘clan’

LMB was formed about a year and a half ago. March 2010 to be precise.

LMB Clan

How did you get in touch with your clan initially?

We’re a local clan, all resident of Hertfordshire, so we all knew each other before LMB was created. However, when we realised our shared enthusiasm for playing Battlefield games, creating a clan seemed the obvious thing to do.

How many people are in your clan?
We have seven regular players, but there are a few friends we have that we let use the clan tag and play with us. We’re not picky, playing together and having a blast is what counts for us.