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The Devolo Homeplug System is like all good inventions, it’s success is in it’s simplicity. Since launch they have sold over 10million units and we’ve had one at the Flush the Fashion office for several months now. I plugged it in, and it worked, and that was it. Brilliant.

We used to have a problem. Our wireless router is set up in the office, while our TV, Freesat and Xbox is in our recreational area.

This meant to get onto Xbox Live or to watch the iPlayer through the TV was a major hassle, and we had to trail a 30ft long lead from the router to the back of the Xbox and somehow swap it over to the back of the Freesat box when we wanted to watch the iPlayer. Very annoying, dangerous and awkward.

Devolo HomeplugWe could have bought an Xbox wireless router (not cheap), but we would still have had a problem connecting to the iPlayer or anything else.

Now we have got the Devlolo Homeplug Starter Kit, we have the cable from the router into the one of the Devolo plugs and plug this in to the electric socket in the office.

The other Devolo plug is connected to the socket behind the TV, this is then connected to two leads that plug into the Xbox and Freesat and voila!

I no longer have to worry about tripping over the long lead and everything is still connected online.

It works by using the wiring in your houses electrical circuits to send the data through. So another use could be if you have an upstairs bedroom that is out of range of your wireless router, just take the plug up with you and you are online.

What I like is it just works, without 3 hours of manuals, downloads and updates. You can connect to it via anything laptop, mobile, Kindle the same way you would your wireless system.

You don’t need to set up new logins or passwords and it doesn’t slow your connection speed down either. The one we have is capable of up to 300MBps, more than enough to stream HD movies.

I am telling you now as Devolo have another great product out too…
The dLAN 200 AV USB extender.
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This allows you to turn any socket in your home into a USB port. It means you can set up non-wireless printers and hard drives anywhere in your home and have them attached to your home network. Great if you have young kids who spill orange juice, or if your printer is in another room, or you want to optimise your space.

It will work from a distance of unto 300m so even if you have got a footballer size house (that is a house a footballer lives in, not a house the size of a footballer) it will still be in range. It’s like the Dyson of the internet.

The Homeplug Wireless Extender is available everywhere and is priced around £90 in the UK. The new dLAN 200 AV USB Extender is around the same price.

Visit for more info.

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