Richard O

Film Review: Wreck it Ralph

Subtle, and not so subtle game references are sprinkled brilliantly throughout the film, amoung them Sonic, Ryu, Bowser, Zangief and the retro classic Q-Bert (who is now homeless) make appearances.

Reading Festival by Richard Ounsworth

Watching people run to see the pop punk heroes was a sight to behold. “This is the worst kept secret in England right now”, Billie Joe says to pretty much the whole of Reading. Playing classics from their massive back catalogue, even their new song gets everyone in the mosh pit, crowd surfing and wall of death mood.

Music: Sum 41 Interview

IT’S AWESOME! The fact that they have girl underpants in a vending machine for drunk business men to sniff and take home on the train I mean, that’s a bit weird.

Sum 41 – Live @the Kasbah, Coventry

Coventry doesn’t have much going for it, relegated to league one in football, famous for putting cats in bins, and our only iconic band is The Enemy. The fact legendary pop punk icons Sum 41, decided to play here instead of Birmingham or Manchester is something that will be talked about for years to come.

Live Review: Blink 182 NIA

The NIA is a wash of all ages tonight. Young coming together with old to do one just thing, see the mighty Blink 182 (or Blink one eighty two as the American bands keep saying).