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DVD Film Review: Last Holiday

Such is the myopia of the human condition, that during all our lives, we are generally of the headspace that our troubling experiences are the first time these things have happened, we are individually pioneers on at the coalface of life, nobody understands our wee plight.

Anti-Ageing Hair Tips

When thinking about anti-aging, lots of us worry more about our skin and our bodies than we do our hair. Actually, your hair can be a big giveaway for your age, whether it’s going grey or not.

Planning The Perfect Road Trip

If you are keen to see a lot of a country, whether your home country or somewhere abroad, then one of the best ways to do that is always going to be road tripping.

5 Reasons To See The World Via Motorcycle

If you’re looking for a travel experience that brings you closer to the ground you can’t get much closer than on motorcycle! It’s a unique way to see the world but it’s got so many things going for it that you can’t achieve when you are are the traversing the globe with friends or family.

Music: Mighty Oaks – All Things Go

It is an uncomfortable time of year. Winter has seemingly entered it’s 312th dreary week, everyone is still skint, and bang in the middle is an awkward alienating sudo-celebration of romantic love.

5 Trends that Have Defined the Last Decade

The 2010s were a challenging yet exciting decade, with so much going on in politics and society. It was also a very busy decade for ever-changing fashion trends and huge shifts in social attitudes towards fashion.

Film Review: The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man may have been a book written a wee bit of time ago in 1897, by none other than one of the fathers of science fiction H.G. Wells, but in 2020, the film adaptation by director/writer Leigh Whannell is possibly the most zeitgeisty movie I have EVER seen!

A Beginner’s Guide To Travelling Australia As An Urbanite

Australia is an urban wonderland for those who prefer to take their holidays in the comfort of more metropolitan environments. While much of the country is filled with vast expanses of rural towns and rugged wilderness, there are numerous cities that offer much to explore for both Australian locals and international adventurers.

Masculinity: Liberation through Photography @The Barbican, London

You may snigger and giggle, as there are penises of all shapes and sizes, but the theory behind the show is that men are more than their parts. In a world where men are seemingly less liberated, with TV showing peacocking males with hairless, chiseled bodies on show on Love Island and ‘reality TV’, the truth is, in reality, men throughout history have been portrayed in many different forms.

The Essential Accessories for a Working Holiday

The Essential Accessories for a Working Holiday | Flush the Fashion
Everyone’s worst nightmare is receiving an invitation with a dress code labelled simply as ‘smart-casual’, so imagine the pain of having to pack for a working…

Planning the Ideal Girls’ Road Trip in the UK

Glasgow – There’s not much better place to begin your road trip than in one of Scotland’s most historical cities. Not just that, why not get set for your adventure with a pre-road trip spa break in Glasgow, gearing you up for the miles ahead?