Review: Bonobo- Flashlight EP

Simon Green finished touring his North Borders LP on just Friday, it was a cycle that has lasted for near two years so of course the only sane thing to do is release an EP of new material a mere matter of days later.

It is a three track collection that sounds more like circa 2002 Bonobo than anything this side of Black Sands. Perhaps by coincidence, or perhaps not, it is less summary than his previous two LPs, the shimmering and glitter has been replaced by feedback-machine like whirrings and a purring ocean-deep bassline on the title track that is more reminiscent of the beginnings of something stirring under the surface than something blooming into life.

In short it fits the December release date and echoes the dark and sombre seasonal tones and is perfectly accustomed to the small hours that feel like they reach on forever this time of year.

Pelican again explores the night-time but this time ventures out into the dark to find the nearest party and if you’re looking for an alt-Christmas after party soundtrack you’ve found it here. It’s such an intricate track that it’s the perfect excuse to ‘just listen to the music man’ and avoid talking to those pesky co-workers you’ve purposefully avoided for the last 12 months.
It all ends with Return To Air that is so smooth you can almost imagine spreading yourself on toast to it, this is bath time joy and while it may be contradictory to everything said at the top of this piece, this closing track is an unmistakably bright and colourful flex of Simon Green’s musical muscles. There are absolutely no signs that his 175 date world tour has jaded him at all.

Flashlight EP was released on Monday via Ninja Tune.

Matthew Cooper

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