New Music Feb 2013 by Matthew Cooper

Bombers: Drawing / Buddy’s in a Cult
It’s hard not to turn your head without someone telling you ‘guitar music is dead’ but the truth is they just aren’t looking hard enough. Here’s the proof. Bombers sound as warped and accurate as Joy Division ever did.

Dark Horses: Traps & Boxing Day
If I was ever unlucky enough to get a concussion this is what I would want to hear to clear my head. Dark Horses will leave you feeling real deep, Man. I can hear Glastonbury tents calling out for this already.

PYYRAMIDS – That Ain’t Right
Spacey, and about as urban and modern as you can get right now. PYYRAMIDS (two “y”s) are made up of ex OKGO man Tim Nordwind and ex He Say/ She Say member Drea Smith. They sound is nothing like the two merged together (fortunately), as it’s doubtful that would win over many fans. Again there is Joy Division attitude in here and some Fleetwood Mac gone 2012/13 super cool R&B magnificence.

Josephine: Portrait
As featured in a recent edition of Flush Magazine , Josephine is someone with a soul and it shines through her music. Simple arrangements with depth that demand careful listening. Dare I say Motown? Well I just did. I thought it was that good.
Someone with a soul who has no problems at all letting it shine through her music. The arrangements have simple depths which demand the right to be listened to. My Mum would love this.

Charlene Soraia – Ghost
If you don’t recognise the name, perhaps you’ll recognise the cover she did of The Callings huge soppy hit ‘Wherever You Will Go’ which featured on a recent Twinings Tea ad. I hated the original for being utterly pathetic so a cover was never going to sway me away from that but Charlene Soraia has quite some lungs on her.

New single ‘Ghost’ is a tale written with ex-boyfriend about their impending break-up and its aftermath, (a bit of a ABBA ‘Winner takes it all’ vibe with just as much listenable pleasure.) ‘Ghost’ also comes with a rather funky video.

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