Hot Head Show: Juicy Fruits

Jordan Copeland, Vaughn Stokes and ‘Betamax’ are Hot Head Show, and they pack more music into one of their songs than most bands manage in a whole album.

When they wrote to Les Claypool (legendary bass player with Primus, not the guy from Rentaghost) he liked them so much he asked to support him (and then Primus) on tour in Europe. I can’t say it out loud but there was talk of them blowing Primus off the stage.

To pigeon hole Hot Head Show would be like counting snowflakes, but if you like the sound of Morphine (the band or drug) jamming with Mr Bungle (the band, or the Kids TV show bear) at Captain Beefheart’s Wake then Hot Head Show may be just for you.

hot head show interview

What has it been like supporting Primus?
Like becoming a massive lion in a delightful woodland glade punctuated knowingly by the pungency of urine. But not people urine – animal urine; the urine of PREY. But were you to find yourself standing there with us in that pungent garden, you might be tempted to smirk at the relative scarcity of lady lions. Lady lions don’t listen to Primus.

Were bands like Mr Bungle and Primus a big influence on the band?
No not at all. Music we’re into predates all that. We only listen to blues music from ages ago, and Steve Reich and stuff.

Your songs are quite complicated musically, how long does it take to go from an idea to a finished song?
Bloody ages. You know that amazing band The Vaccines? We heard that The Vaccines will give up on any new song they can’t play within half an hour of trying. Obviously The Vaccines are amazing and everything, but we’re on the other end of the spectrum in a lot of ways.

Where is the best place to listen to your music?
You mean our album the Lemon LP which can be bought on CD/Vinyl/Download at
Or our live recordings, which can be downloaded freely from
Or maybe you’re referring to the sexy little nuggets we whack up on the Facebook every few days?

Either way, if you’re listening on vinyl, you should try moving the turntable into your bedroom, or indeed someone else’s bedroom – the muffled acoustics of a messy boudoir can be startlingly lovely. Or if you’ve got the stuff downloaded or whatever, then obviously the tube is the best place to listen to anything.

If Hot Head Show were a car, what kind would they be?
A right BANGER

Who would you like to do a duet with and why?
You mean out of everyone or out of people who might be up for it? Out of everyone our first choice would be Marvin Gaye because he might do a romantic telephone conversation intro. But realistically speaking we’d probably do a duet with either Steve Reich or The Vaccines. Steve Reich would be interesting because he would clearly hate working with us.

hot head show

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
There’s a 7-inch coming out in a few weeks, and we’re mixing the second album with the legendary Captain Bogdanovic at Bonafide Studio, but the main thing is we’re breaking in a new bass player – his first show will be 27th October at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch.

The rest of this year will be mostly devoted to knocking him into shape. He’s pretty much got the music down, but we’re still working on his general attitude. He’s such a nice boy. But give us a few more weeks with him and he’ll be fine.

You can buy their Mad (but ACE) new record, The Lemon LP from their bandcamp page HERE
They are supporting JLS and Matt Cardle on tour, (actually not really, but that would be good fun). for up to date info visit their Facebook page HERE