XBL Arcade Game Review: Quarrel

We all know the classic board games Scrabble and Risk; one involves tactics and words, and the other involves tactics and world domination. Both are great games on their own, but developer Denki has decided to ‘smoosh’ the two together to create a brand new game: Quarrel.

Quarrel xbox live marketplace

When you first take a look at Quarrel, it gives you the impression it’s a child orientated educational game, however it actually offers something of a challenge to ‘kids’ of all ages.

In each match you are given a number of territories, each with a certain number of cartoon-y soldiers. To win the game you must invade opposing territories and eliminate the enemy soldiers. This is done my making words from a set of jumbled letters.

Much like Scrabble, each letter is worth different points, and creating words will yield you a high score. If you can score more points than your opponent, you take their territory. Keep in mind that a longer word will not always gain you a higher score.

I’ve had occasions where I’ve created a 6 letter word, only for it to be beaten by a 4 letter word. These features bring some great chances for tactical thinking, such as where to invade, what letters to use, and even where to place your infantry for the best defence.

Quarrel Xbox Live Arcade

If you are on your own, you can still get a decent challenge from the computer AI, with three levels of difficulty. However, the playing online with 3 of your friends, offers the best competitive situations.

As I’ve mentioned before, the graphics are really cartoon-y; it’s colourful and really bold. That may put some people off at first, but after a while, the little guys will have a charming allure to them, especially when you see them throw letters at each other.

Nine out of 10This is a fun and quirky game, with a high replay value, and won’t break the bank. For 400 Microsoft Points you can show off your wordsmith skills to people all over the world, and NOT giggling when you make a rude word with the letters.

Price: 400 Microsoft Points
PEGI Rated: 3+
Publisher: UTV True Games
Developer: Denki