Food: Pizza Express – New Pasta Range

We all know about their pizzas, but now Pizza Express have launched a new range of fresh (take home) pastas based on the flavours of their famous pizzas.


Apparently the new range is made using the finest ingredients, including free-range egg pasta. They’re really quick to cook too and most are ready in just one minute. I got my hands on some samples and after a week of eating pasta in Italy I felt suitably experienced enough to give them a try. It’s worth noting that the pasta can be eaten with just a dash of olive oil and a sprinkling of parmesan, however I felt the range tasted much better with a simple tomato pasta sauce to go with them.


PizzaExpress Sloppy Giuseppe Tortelloni

What they say: A free range egg pasta tortellini encases a sloppy Giuseppe filling combining spicy hot beef and pepper.

What I say: The distinctive flavour of sloppy Giuseppe comes through the tight Tortelloni pasta shapes, 8/10

PizzaExpress Margherita Tortelloni

What they say: The simple yet satisfying taste of mozzarella and tomato, which have been combined perfectly in small Tortellini, to create delightful bites of cheesy goodness.

What I say: A definite kids favourite, but personally, I found the flavour to be a bit lacking 6/10

pizza-express-pasta range

PizzaExpress Pollo Ad Astra Tortelloni

What they say: One of PizzaExpress’ best-selling pizzas, the Pollo Ad Astra, has been transformed into a pasta dish combining chicken with a pepperdew pepper filling inside free range egg pasta tortelloni.

What I say: Chicken and pasta aren’t usually natural plate-mates, this pasta is good, but the flavour is slightly lost inside the Tortelloni.

PizzaExpress American Hot Ravioli

What they say: Capturing the famous flavours of the American Hot Pizza, these beautiful ravioli are stuffed with a pepperoni and hot pepper filling, all encased in a free rang egg pasta.

What I say: The best of the bunch, full of spicy, meaty sauce, great with a glass of red wine! Bellisimo! 9/10


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Please note I was sent samples to review, but all thoughts are my own.

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