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Ok, so first thing is that I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying positive in the current situation.

Batch Coffee

Sometimes it is hard to see the smallest ray of sunshine on the horizon and maybe it seems a bit unimportant talking about coffee with all the other stuff that is happening, but all things said the best way for us to get though this period is to find comfort in the small things in life that make us happy.

For me coffee is definitely one of those things. I realise I am very lucky, I can work from home and apart from not seeing my wife since the end of February (she is in Italy) my day to day existence has been relatively unscathed. However one of the things I do really miss is just going out for a cup of coffee and being around other people.

I do have a really nice Nespresso Vertuo machine at home and for a while I was using that, but lets be honest they aren’t the most environmentally friendly things plus the capsules are quite expensive too.

Now it seems everyone is starting a subscription service these days, everything from Razors to Books to Wine to Chilli Sauce (you can see lots of them here), recently I saw a new subscription service delivering specialty coffee straight to your door. Batch Coffee actually started off as a coffee review site and they were so popular they decided to expand into selling the coffee itself.

It shows they are passionate about what they do, plus it means they know a good cup of coffee when they taste one. I think they might be on to a winner with their new service that enables you to receive fresh coffee straight onto your doormat.

For the sake of transparency they did send me 2 free packs of coffee, one for a stove pot (Grade 1 Sidamo from Ethiopia) and one for a cafetière (El Remanso from Columbia), which incidentally was roasted by Glen (I know this as it’s on the packet).

I’ve been really enjoying having a cup every morning for the past few days and the Sidamo is genuinely up there as one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. And as someone who spends a lot of time in Italian Coffee Bars that is quite a recommendation. There an amazing sort of liquorice in the flavour ( I’m terrible at describing liquids, sorry!) and it’s one I would look out for again.

Founder Tom Saxon (left) with one of the growers Manuel

I really like the Batch Coffee brand and if you drink coffee regularly give them a go. They have a nice connection with the growers and suppliers too and ‘in these ever-changing times in which we live in’, it feels good to support people doing things in the right way. You can also just buy a pack and see if you like the idea. For 2 x 200g bags of specialty coffee, the price is £17 (including delivery). They have coffee for all kinds of pots and you can choose to get a new pack every 2 or 4 weeks. The coffees come from all over the world and there is tons of interesting info on their website about all the different places they get it from plus useful guides on how to make the perfect cup. For more info

Many thanks to all the key workers for all your bravery and dedication and that means every person who is working to keep the wheels moving all over the world. In times like these you realise who are the important people in society eg, Couriers, refuge collectors, shop workers, cleaners etc, etc.THANK YOU!

Please note – Batch coffee sent me some free coffee to try, but all thoughts are my own.

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