Film Review: I Am Divine

If you are a fan of the film Pink Flamingos or American counter-culture in general you should watch ‘I Am Divine’, a new documentary by Jeffrey Schwarz about the life of Harris Glenn Milstead, better know as the actor, performer and drag queen elect, Divine.

Schwarz interviews all the main people in Divine’s life and the film charts his rise from a young bullied schoolkid in Baltimore, to local hairdresser through to his International mainstream commercial success in Hairspray and as one scary pop star.

Interspersed with interview footage with Divine himself and the film gives a good insight to the main behind the make-up, including his relationships with his parents, his co-stars including Ricki Lake and with filmmaker John Waters.

The film is a great tribute to a truly unique individual, the like of which we will probably never seen again.

I Am Devine is in selected cinemas from JULY 18th 2014

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