Why You Can No Longer Be a Technophobe

The tech revolution started when man struck fire. Since then, the world has (slowly) advanced, with the 20th and 21st centuries rolling out tech at a rapid pace. For entertainment’s sake alone, you can no longer be a technophobe, and even your home is becoming smarter than you.

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Your Car is a Giant PC

Cars were pretty simple machines at one point. All you needed were some wheels and an engine that could explode at any minute. But car tech advanced pretty fast in the last 20 years, and even now, a car locksmith needs to understand transponders and laser tech to even make a replacement key. More recently, the advent of electric vehicles means modern cars are more technological than ever, with smart assistants, touchscreen dashes, and self-driving features.

Physical Media and Products are Dying

Streaming has become the number one way to get entertainment these days, and it’s all done through computers, even phones. Services like Sky Glass make it a bit easier for the technically unsavvy. But if you’re still popping in some of your old Betamax and VHS products, it’s time to get with the times, Grandpa. It has been predicted that although physical media will still be around for years to come, the availability and popular usage of it will pretty much die out.

You Can No Longer Be a Technophobe for Work

Technological advancement is often no more apparent than in the workplace, as your employer invests huge sums of money to replace you. It began with the robot uprising in the car industry, and now there is technology everywhere. Even just getting into your work building has remnants of Brave New World and 1984, as the computer basically says no. But in all seriousness, using computers and modern apps and software is all but expected for pretty much every job type.

Smart Homes are the Future

Your home is your castle, but alas, there is no escape from the technological world. As we do with everything, we change with the times, and the design and inhabiting of our homes is no different. If you thought the microwave was challenging, wait until you try to install smart light bulbs in each room. Smart homes are extremely convenient and can even aid those with disabilities. But when something goes wrong, like changing your Wi-Fi password, it can be hell.

Artificial Intelligence, Of Course

If the proverbial rock is indeed your home, you won’t have heard of artificial intelligence, also known as AI. We have all heard of AI in movies such as The Terminator. But the reality is much more mundane, yet no less exciting. AI today is being used as a helping hand for workers instead of a replacement. So it probably won’t be long before your boss introduces you to ChatGPT for writing, Cobots for manufacturing, or Midjourney for developing better artwork.


A few of the reasons why you can no longer be a technophobe include using your car, going to work, and getting along with artificial intelligence. All of these are shaping our lives already, and it won’t be long before the world actually does resemble something from a slick sci-fi movie.

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