Why travel to Australia?

Australia is one of the best countries in the world and millions of tourists travel from all over the world to see some of the top man-made and natural sights on the planet. From the
Sydney Opera House to the outback deserts, from their famous casinos on the Gold Coast to white sandy beaches, Australia has something for everyone and is an incredibly attractive country. By the same token, if you prefer to relax and play online games at Lucky Nugget Casino on your mobile, soak up the sun and enjoy a few pints of Fosters by the pool – you can do.

We take a look at some of the main reasons why you should travel to Australia and give a few suggestions for places to visit during your stay in the country.


Sydney is perhaps Australia’s most “touristy” city and is home to a number of immense monuments and incredible, stylish buildings. The Opera House stands tall on the Sydney waterfront and is a truly breath-taking sight. If you find yourself in the city, it’s an absolute must visit but you should be sure to check out Sydney’s other sights too.

They have plenty of attractions, including the Sydney Cricket Ground, Shark Island and the Sydney Observatory. With Sydney, one thing’s for sure: there is ALWAYS something to keep you occupied.

The Gold Coast

Visit the Gold Coast for sensational views and a relaxed atmosphere that can keep you fully chilled out during your time in Australia. On the Gold Coast, you can also check out Brisbane’s finest casino establishments and phenomenal, five-star restaurants that grace the seafront. For example, Jupiters Casino is one of the most popular with tourists and visitors can play many of the same games that are available at online casinos such as those at www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au.

If you’d prefer to go for something to eat, Brisbane is home to some of the finest Michelin star chefs on the planet. It really is an incredible place and one of the best for those with younger members of the group too.

The Outback

This might not be for everybody but a guided tour over the outback will appeal to many of the tourists visiting Australia. In order to gain the full Australia experience, a tourist must see the deserted areas of the outback and see just how derelict parts of the country are.

The outback isn’t exactly the most entertaining place in the country, but you can get a first-person view of the entire landscape. For entertainment, many choose to listen to music, play online casino games on their phone or read a book throughout the trip instead of simply staring at the barren land for the entire journey.