Why is smartphone gaming so popular?

Why is smartphone gaming so popular?

Gaming has become a popular pastime for many people in the UK. It’s estimated that around 40 million people play video games in the UK according to data collected in June 2023. There are countless reasons why video games are so popular, including the fact they’re fun, challenging and allow you to escape reality for a while. 

Video games were always traditionally played on consoles or using computers but in the digital world we live in, handheld devices like smartphones are becoming one of the most popular ways to access these games. Online gaming statistics collected by Uswitch in 2023 revealed that almost 40% of the British population play video games on their mobile device, highlighting just how popular it can be. 

That begs the question, why is it so popular? We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of smartphone gaming to understand why so many people enjoy it and what the future of it may hold. 


One of the main reasons smartphone gaming is so popular is because of the variety of games you can play. There are plenty of quality gaming types to try like Bingo apps or role-playing games.

Many of them are free to play and some of the better quality options charge small fees to download it. You’ll be able to switch between your catalogue of games whenever you get tired of one, keeping you entertained at all times. 


The hardware of smartphones is much better than it used to be, which allows games to run with better graphics and fewer input delays. These are features that used to only be available with console or PC gaming, which tend to cost a lot. Now, you don’t have to buy the latest tech to play new games. Instead, run them on your phone at a fraction of the cost. 


Smartphone gaming sessions are typically shorter, which means you can squeeze them in no matter where you are. Waiting for the bus? Sat in a coffee shop waiting for a friend? Or, waiting for the television adverts to finish? Whatever you’re doing, there’s always time to play

These games tend to only require Wi-Fi or cellular data to run, which most people with mobiles will have access to. 

What will the future of smartphone gaming be like? 

With so many technological advancements in the gaming industry, the quality of smartphone gaming is only going to continue to improve. Better graphics, games and accessibility will be present on almost every smart device, which could see it overtake PCs and consoles from the likes of PlayStation. 

You may even find that eSports tournaments using smartphones could become more popular as they improve too.

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